Sir Polo - Dream

01 Aug

If you're looking for authentic hip hop look no further than Sir Polo

Sir Polo brings heavy lyricism in his song "Dream" over a smooth beats with hard drums that Polo attacks with each line making every bar count.

From the beginning the beat starts with chords that give you an introspective feel with Sir Polo saying "Polo's Back"  in a tone that lets you know he is warming up for something. As soon as the drums come in Polo comes on the beat reminiscent of Nas on the Main Source song "Live at the Barbecue". 

"Give me a beat and I might lay some shit on it, flip it and rip it, and send it to the labels."  Sir Polo states to let you know he's serious about his craft and has big plans for music. Throughout the verses "Dream" is daring in its articulation displaying his bar heavy style. 

Polo also shows his versatility in the hook in a singing voice that gives you a J Cole voice "Cause I'm living a big dream" he repeats in an inspirational tone that makes you feel that the impossible is possible.

Feel free to check out the track below and also follow him on twitter. Peace! 

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