Simbo Suave - Over Me

03 Oct

"I told my momma I'ma make it just give me time"

I'll tell any artist that wants my advice that in order to have true success in this game of Hip Hop people either got to want to be you or believe you. There's no way to avoid that formula and Simbo Suave fits the bill on his new song "Over Me" as he smoothly carries the track with conviction.

Simbo Suave takes control of the slow bass heavy production and makes it his own as he shows his diverse skill set with his melodic hooks, crafty lyrics, and hard flow that would keep any competition at bay with lines like "I'm gone leave my enemies in pieces, Kill em all I don't need no reason"

Simbo Suave's "Over Me" packs plenty of punch as he gives us his story of coming up with plenty of sauce to overflow on the track for you to enjoy and relate to yourself no matter the grind or hustle.

Check out Simbo Suave's "Over Me" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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