Shy Smith featuring Sani - Forever (Prod by. Accent Beats)

02 Jan

"I give y'all my life, y'all just tear it apart" 

Hip Hop is all about the flash, as much as it is about being real. Being able to be real with yourself, as well as the audience, and being able to be someone the world can connect to. Shy Smith has that music connects to the soul with his new song "Forever".

Shy Smith has a style that takes you back to Drake's "So Far Gone" days with his high class rap style that definitely gives you the feel, he will be a household name sooner than later. Shy Smith takes a introspective approach to "Forever" taking us inside his mind and thoughts while still being incredibly lyrically intact with lines like "We end up drinking when our life is on the rocks".

Shy Smith enlists Sani for the feature who delivers some smooth melodies and a stellar vocal performance that adds another level of flavor and authenticity to an amazing track.

Shy Smith's "Forever" is that hip hop music you need to hear to start your 2019 off right. Shy shows master craftsmanship in hip hop skills, the flow is polished and rides the beat perfectly, his pen is sharp, and cuts through this production that is right beat to deliver his message.

Check out Shy Smith featuring Sani "Forever" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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