Shon Weathers - Feng Shui

25 Oct

"Hear the chitter chatter, let em know that it never mattered"

Queens, New York has always had it's share of hip hop legends from the first hip hop rock-stars Run DMC, the legend himself Nas, Mobb Deep , and 50 Cent just to name a few. Queens always gives you the perfect combination of grit and glamour when it comes to hip hop and Shon Weathers follows tradition perfectly with his new song "Feng Shui".

Shon Weathers rhyme style on "Feng Shui" gives you everything as his flow is so flashy and fits the big city lights you expect to see in New York as well as lyrically packing a punch with lines like "They do the most and ironically they do don't do enough" that" that command attention.

Shon Weathers sounds like he was made for the big stage with his commanding presence and looks the part as he takes us through New York in the "Feng Shui" video that not only sell the song but really displays his confident swagger that makes people fall in love with artists.

Check out Shon Weathers "Feng Shui" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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