SHDW - Way Up

26 Oct

"young n**ga from the east side, been a baller since nehi"

Chasing a dream worth having is never an easy task. There's always bumps and bruises you get from overcoming adversity that really gut check your mission. Anyone on their journey knows how it can be and knows that motivation is needed. SHDW new song "Way Up" is that motivation you need.

SHDW raps masterfully about his come up on "Way Up" but ironically he raps with so much bravado to a point he already sounds like he's already made up with a confident swagger all over the track that makes his presence felt throughout this record. 

SHDW gives you everything on "Way Up" from raw quotable lyrics, excellent wordplay, and diverse flows with lines like "I'm ain't saying that I'm flawless, It's just hard to be modest" that really pack a punch and really puts it up with hip hop excellence we've been blessed with in recent times.

Check out SHDW "Way Up" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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