Shani B. - Glass Houses

26 Oct

"I ain't even tryin to read ya, You know karma be one hell of a teacher"

I'm always on the hunt for the best music out there. Some days it falls right in my lap with minimal effort and sometimes it becomes actual work with my mind screaming "HELP ME". Today is the latter until Shani B. and her "hip-pop" sound sent a life raft with her new song "Glass Houses".

Shani B. is the total package anyone can ask for on "Glass Houses" as she is lyrically a monster with a razor sharp flow that cuts through the production with ease and matched by her impressive wordplay with lyrics like "All the flashy shit never meant a thang to me, My intelligence put it in the range for me".

Shani B.'s "Glass Houses" is a stellar performance of hip hop but not only does she flex her lyrical prowess on "Glasses Houses" but she also connects it all together on the hook as she shows her diverse range of talent with her melodic voice for the monster chorus.

Check out Shani B. "Glass Houses" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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