SG Lewis featuring Drew Love - A.A.T

27 Oct

"Got a lil name, can spit a lil game, can spend a lil change uh huh"

Hip Hop has always been a collaborative effort amongst creatives. Ever since the first rap song recorded "Rapper's Delight" with Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Caz many artists, writers, and producers have come together to create incredible music we have all enjoyed that has become legendary. The latest collaborative effort that will leave you in awe comes from the multi - talented producer SG Lewis and the incredible Drew Love.

SG Lewis laces up an incredible production for "A.A.T" that sounds like a trapped out version of music you would hear on the movie "Blade Runner". It has a sound beyond it's time with the perfect 808's and bass that Drew Love snaps on.

SG Lewis makes the perfect pick in enlisting Drew Love for the feature as he has the perfect swagger that rocks this beat, as he oozes bravado and flair with his smooth flow, smoother vocals, and slick rhymes that makes "A.A.T" a masterpiece.

Check out SG Lewis featuring Drew Love "A.A.T" below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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