SEFQ - Yuca

27 Oct

“Queens n**ga to the bone marrow”

Hip hop has changed a lot since it first started. We have seen it grow and expand to many different things. Some changes for the best and some for the worst but nothing beats real organic hip hop with a soul sample, hard drums, and an emcee just ripping into the mic with nothing but flavor. SEFQ’s “Yuca” is that real hip hop that you need. 

SEFQ gives you a real nostalgic hip hop feel on “Yuca” as it takes you back to the days of when you could vibe out and watch music videos all day truly appreciating the artistry being displayed. SEFQ has that New York swagger and charisma that they’re known for and gives you hard lyrics all through the track like “I knew the bosses that was a gift and curse, I know who did the talking, I know who did the work.”

SEFQ’s “Yuca” is gold standard hip hop all across the board as he gives you the total package of true emceeing, top notch lyrics, and a flow that let’s his presence be known all through this soulful production. 

Check out SEFQ “Yuca” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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