Schama Noel

30 Jul

"Drug abuse, sex addiction, depression hit us, they said by 21 I would suffer from mental illness"

The first words that you hear from the artist Schama Noel on his lyrical thought-provoking track "Millennials". The track starts off with orchestra strings that give you the feel of a great declaration to the world is about to take place. With an audio clip of a speaker stating the flaws of millennials Schama takes over and delivers with every line.

Schama Noel rides the beat with raw poetry with a style that takes you back to "Lupe Fiasco "The Cool",  while covering topics such as the Puerto Rico water crises, police brutality, new age clout chasing, and police brutality. With smooth lines such as "One day you gone have to tell all of your fans are fiction" and "My wallets not a gun, my father from the slums, like the start of a basketball game we all got it from the jump"

The future looks bright for this emcee and with the "Millennials" EP out now Schama Noel's profile will only get bigger from here. Check out the track below and follow him on twitter. Links are below. Peace! 

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