Saint Pressure/ MESSYAH featuring JUNG YOUTH - Spy Kids

24 Oct

"You keep a body bag, I keep my third eye shooter"

In the times of music being so trendy, one can forget just how creative music can actually be. How the foundation of this great thing we love called music was built off innovation. Nothing lives out how innovative and creative music can be more than Saint Pressure/ MESSYAH's new song "Spy Kids" featuring JUNG YOUTH!

Saint Pressure/ MESSYAH team up to give a superb display of musicianship on "Spy Kids"  that combines 2000's future culture that collides with trap that immediately grabs you in and holds you till the track is over, which by that time you're already in the mood to give it another listen.

Saint Pressure/ MESSYAH "Spy Kids" sounds like Rae Sremmurd's early 2018 release "Powerglide" on steroids with the pair really taking the track musically to another stratosphere an artist can only hope to achieve with high powered production, amazing flow, and creative lyrics.

Saint Pressure/ MESSYAH enlist JUNG YOUTH on the feature which he delivers with his bravado filled style and swagger with lines like "Jackie Chan, I'm the man, f**k a summerslam" that make his verse the perfect fit for an amazing track.

Check out Saint Pressure/ MESSYAH featuring JUNG YOUTH on the new song "Spy Kids" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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