Saint Pressure / MESSYAH - A Walk to Remember

02 Nov

"Nothing to lose, nothing to prove, that's got nothing to do with you"

Innovation is always a key to being remembered and separating yourself from the pack when it comes to music. Saint Pressure and MESSYAH are ahead of the pack with their music that sounds like music of tomorrow with their new song "A Walk to Remember"

Saint Pressure and MESSYAH give you a flawless beautifully crafted track with "A Walk to Remember" with the production sounding like a perfect blend of music ahead of it's time and a 80's classic record you would've heard in a ending scene, a long with heartfelt lyrics that tell the story perfectly.

Saint Pressure and MESSYAH's "A Walk to Remember" is fresh and pure as it makes you feel like you're on a beach with the perfect moon reflecting on life. Saint Pressure and MESSYAH continue to make music you can feel and vibe to as they get better with every single release.

Check out SaintPressure / MESSYAH's new song "A Walk to Remember and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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