Ryy - Power Moves

13 Nov

"I took my only shot and kept my follow through"

Hip Hop has surpassed the days of when an artist only did one thing. Now a days you can find a great array of artists who not only can rap but also sing, produce, and engineer. These hybrid artists are the present and future of music. The multi - talented Ryy falls right in line as he does everything you hear in his new smash "Power Moves".

All of Ryy's many talents are on full bloom on this new record "Power Moves". Ryy gives you nothing but flex on his swagger filled record, spewing nothing but confidence with his melodic style over this production that has the right dark trap vibes.

Ryy's lyrics are also sharp on "Power Moves" with each line carrying a lot of bravado and can easily be a quotable or caption for your flyest pics especially lines like  "I talk to God he said just live out your dreams"

Check out Ryy's "Power Moves" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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