Ruben Richy - Wavy

14 Dec

"You don't have to worry, I know that you want more"

Sometimes the title really says it all. Sometimes the title of track really embodies what the song is and not just the caption for the audio. The title "Wavy" is the only to describe the new track from Ruben Richy.

Ruben Richy gives us "Wavy" from the latest installment of his series of songs titled "Love Letter". The track grabs you as soon as he comes in dripping nothing but flavor over this production, with horns that make you see color. Ruben is so wavy in his approach as his flow is as fluid as water and beyond smooth with the lyrics.

Ruben Richy's "Wavy" is that music that feels good to the soul. The production is luxurious, the confidence and charisma on the mic is player as it gets, and the lyrics are on point. Ruben delivers a superb performance that you will never want to end as soon as you hit play on this incredible record.

Check out Ruben Richy "Wavy" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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