Rowlan - itsbeenreal

03 Jan

"Homies get right jabbed and dropped like a mixtape"

Keeping it real has always been a theme in hip hop since the beginning. Being authentic and telling your truth in the style of rhyme has always been a constant in hip hop. It's the ability to be as transparent as possible in your music that helps you connect to fans for a lifetime. Rowlan masters this art on his new son "itsbeenreal"

Rowlan was first on the Global Media Blog with on the track "Shine" by Dunson as a feature and now he's back holding his own. Rowlan raps with the ultimate conviction on "itsbeenreal", masterfully spitting truth over this production that has the right introspective vibe to help paint the brilliant picture being crafted with his pen. The flow has that grit to it that draws you in and listen for more as he drops lines like "New mental, murder everything they send to me" to show his supreme focus.

Rowlan's "itsbeenreal" is the perfect start to the year as he lets fans know everything they can expect from him moving forward. The flow is hard, the lyrics are raw, and it's all delivered brilliantly to make a statement the world should hear.

Check out Rowlan "itsbeenreal" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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