Rmllw2llz featuring Fiji Waters - My Way

05 Nov

"This is for the cats in the office like f**k the higher ups"

It's the start of a new week which means the start of some great new music. Mondays I always like the start off the week with something fresh I know you will all will love and I have supreme confidence you will love the new song from Louisville's Rmllw2llz featuring Fiji Waters titled "My Way".

Rmllw2llz comes with a smooth soulful sound on "My Way. The production sounds like an intimate quiet storm while Rmllw2llz raps in a style that is reminiscent of Black Thought from the legendary group The Roots. Rmllw2llz uses his words brilliantly to paint a picture for you and bring you in with his commanding voice and high class lyrics like "Watching what I sow cause a n**ga trying to reap, and I keep one on the low incase a n**ga trying to creep.

Rmllw2llz "My Way" is gold standard hip hop as he gives you excellence in every aspect of hip hop on his new track that will make you appreciate his greatness.

Check out Rmllw2llz "My Way" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Twitter.



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