Ridgio - Up & Down

13 Dec

"I'm reaching to the sky, cause up there I can stay high"

Chicago has something really special going on right now. So many talented artists are coming out of the Windy City that are shaking up the game. Such a wide array of talent, it's undeniable it's their time. An artist that has something special is none other than Chicago native Ridgio with his own special sound on his new song "Up & Down".

Ridgio has a creative and innovative style that's full of colors that shine bright on his new song "Up & Down". Ridgio has a style that takes me back to the Kid Cudi "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" project with the production being abstract and full of imagination for you to get lost in, as Ridgio's voice is the perfect paintbrush to create a brilliant picture on this audio canvas.

Ridgio's "Up & Down" displays his creative charisma that's on full bloom with his soulful vocals and cadence. Ridgio's lyrics are raw and relatable and the execution level is nothing short of perfection to create a masterpiece.

Check out Ridgio "Up & Down" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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