Ricky Wolfe - I Don't Take My Own Advice

25 Nov

"Tell my other friends, walk away if you can't see them in the end"

A trait that always stands out to me about artists, are the ones who are original. The ones who you can just feel and know that they are doing what is true to them. N.E.R.D. and The Neptunes music was some of my favorite music growing up because of the brightness of their music and the colors you could imagine while listening. Ricky Wolfe gives the same feel on his new song "I Don't Take My Own Advice".

Ricky Wolfe is a unique artist with his own sound that has so much personality and rawness to it, that you instantly become attached. Ricky's lyrics are authentic and relatable, as he masterfully tells the tale of not being able to take his own relationship advice, a universal problem we all have.

Ricky Wolfe's "I Don't Take My Own Advice" is everything I love about music from originality in style, creativity in approach, vocal melodies that you feel in the soul, and lyrics that you can feel that makes this song a smash.

Check out Ricky Wolfe's "I Don't Take My Own Advice" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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