Red Rose Panic - Get Busy

08 Apr

"Yes Indeed, You know the boys get busy"

Happy Monday!!! Today is the start of another great week filled with incredible music that just shines excellent work. A musical culture that embodies excellence is Ohio. Ohio has a music history that is filled with funk and soul and some may argue that G Funk actually started there. A group that keeps this rich history alive is Red Rose Panic with their new song "Get Busy".

Red Rose Panic crafts together a Hip Hop record that has a throwback feel, while still sounding extra fresh with their new song "Get Busy". The flavor on the mic is infectious as the rhymes ride the wave of the beat to perfection, making the track an easy groove to feel and jam to. The production carries the track well rocking the tunes from beginning to end, with a groove that's packed with funk you can feel in the soul.

Red Rose Panic's "Get Busy" is record packed with original flavor that is a rarity in today's game. They have their own style that shines bright and separates them from the pack of other Hip Hop acts in a major way. If you want to a hear a master class of musicianship from the production and emceeing, look no further than this track here.

Check out Red Rose Panic "Get Busy" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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