Reckless Escapades - Down On My Luck

10 Nov

"I'm in this b**ch getting faded, F**k being down on my luck"

When music was made it was meant to not have any boundaries. For an artist to do as they choose and really push the boundaries of where their art can go. It's the innovation of ones sound that always set the precedent of the music we hear today and tomorrow. Reckless Escapades gives you a sound that's a mix of  hip-hop, trap, r&b, and electro - pop, on his new song "Down On My Luck".

Reckless Escapades truly gives you everything on "Down On My Luck" with the writing having a hip hop feel to it, the drums and cadence having a trap feel, and his vocals having the soul of great r&b crooners. Reckless Escapades has mastered his voice in conveying emotion in his tone that draws you in instantly and makes you want to sing along from your first listen.

Reckless Escapades "Down On My Luck" is a true work of art as he gives you excellent music with no boundaries and really shows his creative prowess over this amazing track.

Check out Reckless Escapades "Down On My Luck" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global My Friends!

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