Rebel Kuzco - Llamas and Luchadors Album Review

31 Aug

Rebel Kuzco – Llamas & Luchadors Album Review

Rebel Kuzco does not disappoint with his 7 track LP "Llamas & Luchadors". The entire album is comprised of dynamic beats, relatable lyrics, and elaborate word play. Rebel Kuzco manages to provide listeners with an elevated sound reminiscent of when hip-hop was more complex and interesting. Each track has its own appeal which results in the album being a refreshing change from the overdone molly mumble raps over club beats that we’ve all become accustomed to. Rebel Kuzco tells his story, letting the listener know who he is, what he’s been through, and what he plans to do musically. It’s clear that every detail of this project was well-thought out, even the order of the tracks. The tracks flow in a virtually seamless fashion which leaves the listener surprised when the album concludes.

Limbo has smooth melodic beats with personal yet relatable lyrics about life.

Sidious is another solid song with strong word play and a nice beat.

Glass Elevators has a beat with a 90s vibe and lyrics that give a slight Kendrick Lamar vibe, the chorus is definitely noteworthy.

Juice is just dope, the beat is instantly likeable and the lyrics definitely make it a good hype song.

Understand is another strong track, a good beat, and the openness and honestly of the lyrics will definitely resonate with listeners.

Wobble has a great retro sounding beat with a modern twist.

Whole Nine was a solid way to conclude the stellar album.

It’s clear that Rebel Kuzco is intelligent based on his sophisticated metaphors. He didn’t come to befriend the competition he came to conquer.

Please feel free to listen to the album below and also follow him on social media. Stay Global my friends!!!

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