Realname McCoy - Didn't Know

16 Mar

"I be putting in that work, I don't need a visa"

A big dispute with music present day is that there is a lack of music that makes you feel good. The music that made people want to fall in love and get away from the troubles of today. Anyone who feels that way will not need to feel that any longer as Realname McCoy crafts together a feel good anthem that touches the soul on his new track "Didn't Know".

Realname McCoy works brilliantly on "Didn't Know" as he raps with flavor over this production that immediately puts you in celebratory feel, while he works his magic with his bravado filled flow that feels good to soul matched with his great lyrics. 

Realname McCoy's "Didn't Know" is just in time for Spring and Summer as he crafts together a smash, that is an anthem for the world to love. McCoy is truly skillful at song making and his talents are on full bloom with everything connecting from the flow, lyrics, and delivery connecting masterfully on this jamming production to make a classic.

Check out Realname McCoy "Didn't Know" below and toast to life with his amazing song that gives amazing vibes. Stay Global my Friends!

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