Real Duce - The Come Up (Prod By LebanonDon Beats)

28 Oct

“Gotta stay away from the opps, Gotta ride for the jokers”

A big debate amongst hip hop lovers is what exactly is “real hip hop”. A short answer is music that is real that touches the soul. Another answer can be great production, with a polished flow, and lyrics with substance. Real Duce encompasses all of those qualities on his new song “The Come Up”.

Real Duce rocks this soulful production with the perfect piano sample in a style that’s reminiscent of Joey Bada$$ during his “1999” days. Real Duce gives a excellent performance for the ages as his flow is relentless and ambitiou, as well as his hard lyrics that are on point with lines like “Weight of the world on my shoulders, gotta give hope to the hopeless” that feel good to the soul. 

Real Duce “The Come Up” is gold standard hip hop at its finest and if anyone ever needed to know what real hip hop is I’d tell them to look no further than this record. Real Duce gives you the complete package of hip hop from hard soulful beat selection, razor sharp flow, and raw lyrics that knock it out the park.

Check out Real Duce “The Come Up” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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