RDGLDGRN - Clapback

07 Oct

"I rap and flatten ya ego!"

Fall season is here and its nothing but cloudy and cold weather where I am. These times is where I need good music the most. That search can sometimes be easy breezy and at times it can be just harsh but all it takes is one smash to get everything going for you and believe me when I tell you that Washington D.C.'s own RDGLDGRN's new song "Clapback" will have you seeing colors on the dullest of canvases.

RDGLDGRN is a collective that comes with a style full of energy that combines punk, hip-hop, jazz, indie rock, and soul. RDGLDGRN song "Clapback" is amazing as they show how creative music can still be in the days where less seems to be more as everything packs a punch from the lyrical content that takes you back to the days where rappers were really emceeing with their best raps being prepared to go against anyone and the production that is flawless with the guitar riffs over the hard drums that just make ya face scrunch as you wonder what are you listening to and why is it this good.

RDGLDGRN's "Clapback" is fearless in its approach to creating music as they shine all over this record. This song will definitely be a crowd favorite as shows and will make the place shut down.

Check out RDGLDGRN'S "Clapback"  video below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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