Rae. Dianz featuring Yazzie Mojo - Black Tea

29 Sep

"Calm down it's in your best interest my emotions in the back just waitin' to interject."

Black Tea by Rae.Dianz featuring Yazzie Mojo is a track that offers a smooth sound reminiscent of summertime in the 90s.  Current fans of Rae.Dianz will appreciate her creativity and the relatability of her lyrics. New fans will appreciate her word play and throwback vibe with lines like "So stuck in the quicksand you can't forget goin' the distance no time to risk messin' with my stealth and precision petty decisions misjudgments straight ruined the vision...". The beat will easily hook listeners and the lyrics will keep them hooked. 

Rae.Dianz has a voice that is intriguing and enjoyable with a slightly smokey raspy sound. Black Tea is laced with some dope lyrical metaphors, so you'll want to play it at least twice to ensure that you don't miss anything. If you're looking for a laid-back track this is the song for you. When the track ends you'll want to hear more. The chopped and screwed sound of the outro is solid enough to be its own track. 

Overall,  Black Tea provides listeners with the type of real substance that is often lacking in today's current musical landscape. Check out the track below and follow her on twitter. Stay Global my friends!



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