Quis Christ featuring GrandMilly - Benny Blanco

02 Nov

 “Never feast on words from snakes it’s all Eden”

What do you get when you combine dope bars with a smooth intriguing beat? The answer is Benny Blanco by Quis Christ featuring GrandMilly. You will instantly enjoy this track. The chorus is appealing and adds an element of edge and style to the track. The beat is trendy and vigorous yet reminiscent of throwback east coast rap.

GrandMilly fits well as a counterpart to Quis on this track. He has good energy and his verse flows well with the track overall. His style will remind you of your favorite 90s rapper. GrandMilly’s verse is substantial and compliments the east coast style of Quis well.

 It’s warfare but life ain’t so we play with lead// sweat tricklin’ from my head in the Hamptons like Fred.”

On the "Benny Blanco" track Quis Christ provides listeners with his usual intense clever word play. Fans have come to expect high-level metaphors from Quis, this element of his work often results in him gaining new fans. Current Quis fans will appreciate the way he effortlessly elevates his metaphors. His verse feels like it ends too quickly, so you definitely have to play this track a few times in order to pick up on all the subtle special nuances. 

The way Quis flows on this track appears to indicate that we can expect more complex lyrics from him in the future. Another highpoint is the fact that Quis displays some of his east coast bravado on this track, current fans and new fans alike will appreciate this. If you like good music with clever metaphors and compelling lyrics this is the track for you.

Check out Quis Christ featuring GrandMilly "Benny Blanco" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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