Quis - BoysTurnBlue

07 Jan

"You still in the darkness, no wonder you've turned blue"

Happy Monday!!! It's a great time to bring some fresh new music on this fresh start to the week. I'm more than excited to bring this new music to you, especially with it honestly being a drought of great hip hop music to bring to you in the past 24 hours, but Monday's are about excellence and Quis new song "BoysTurnBlue" is exactly that. 

Quis is an emcee out of New York who puts on a superb display on hip hop craftsmanship on his new song "BoysTurnBlue", that came from the Oscar winning film "Moonlight". He steps up to the plate and handles his business giving you hard lyrics and a well polished flow over this production that sampled the legendary Fugees record "Fu-Gee-La".

Quis "BoysTurnBlue" is that real hip hop that keeps the culture strong. The lyrics are sharp and introspective, as he gives his truth of trying to make it in this being a real emcee instead of being a just for the moment artist, the flow is very fined tuned, and production is the perfect score for the picture Quis creates with his rhymes that make this track a must listen.

Check out Quis "BoysTurnBlue" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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