Quincy - Sorry Kids

23 Oct

"Bad boy for life, I'm Ben Stiller"

Being great is a hard task but a task even harder is carrying on the tradition of excellence set by the people before you. That pressure alone can make the strongest fold and some grind through it all to become the diamond they are. The multi-talented Quincy shines bright on his new song "Sorry Kids".

It's no secret that Quincy has a rich musical background being son to the legendary r&b singer Al B Sure! and legendary music mogul Diddy, as well as being named after the one and only Quincy Jones. Quincy has been making his own mark and continues to do so on "Sorry Kids".

Quincy shows nothing but confidence on "Sorry Kids" as he gives you flair and bravado with the flow as well as slick lyrics like "At the plate, gotta get on base, stealing, bout to catch a case, when I slide in ya home girl I'm safe" that slide right on this hard production with the right amount of bass to keep your head moving.

Quincy's "Sorry Kids" is the perfect result of amazing rhyming, brilliant lyrics, and great production that make for a masterpiece. Check out "Sorry Kids" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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