Pugs Atomz x Mulatto Patriot - Sweat

11 Mar

"I pound that cake, Sara Lee"

Happy Monday!!! It's the start of a new week and not only a new week but a new week of great music. With Mondays usually being a drag. We have some music that will get you off your feet and make you sweat! Not just from dancing, but the heat this new record from Pugs Atomz and Mulatto Patriot called "Sweat" carries.

We first got to hear Pugs Atomz and Mulatto Patriot on the star studded and excellent track "From The Gate" featuring GLC, Maceo Haynes, and ALgenoy Alexander. Pugs Atomz and Mulatto Patriot are back working magic with Mulatto Patriot working the sounds to perfection and Pugs Atomz delivering the stellar rhymes. 

Mulatto Patriot cooks up a production that makes you move as soon as you hear it. The sound has an unlimited amount of soul with samples all through it, that gives the track that extra amount of bounce to it that you can feel on a religious level.

Pugs Atomz shows up and shows out all over this production. Pugs presence is felt and instantly engages you, with his infectious style that as he paints a brilliant picture of the canvas Mulatto Patriot has crafted. The lyrics are slick and the flow is slicker that create an experience that will have you sliding all over the dance floor sweating.

Pugs Atomz and Mulatto Patriot's "Sweat" is another incredible record by an amazing duo that truly create the magic, that the relationship between rapper and producer was truly built off of. It's Hip Hop at it's finest and a must hear for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Pugs Atomz and Mulatto Patriot "Sweat" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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