Pugs Atomz & Mulatto Patriot featuring GLC, Maceo Haynes, & ALgenoy Alexander - From The Gate

13 Nov

"From the gate, love and pain escapes"

The Midwest has always had a great soul music tradition, especially Chicago. You can hear the deep roots of soul and blues in all of their music in one way or another. Pugs Atomz & Mulatto Patriot come together on their new track "From The Gate" featuring GLC, Maceo Haymes, & ALgenoy Alexander to create the soulful record full of stories.

Mulatto Patriot cooks up a production that sounds like the beginning of a revolution with haunting vocals he uses as an instrument superbly that Pugz Atomz, GLC, and ALgenoy Alexander rip over. 

Pugz Atom raps in a style that is comparable to gospel with it having so much soul that it touches the spirit while he masterfully articulates a tale of everything being so simple as youth until we all have to deal with growing up and understanding the troubles of the world.

GLC delivers a  masterful performance that you would expect from him since hearing him on the classic record "Spaceship". Giving you nothing but this "Ism" in every line. ALgenoy Alexander comes in as the last rap feature with a cadence that is reminiscent of street poets. Algenoy's lyrics are brilliant and thought - proving with lines like "No beast without a priest".

Maceo Haymes closes the show on a stellar track with a guitar solo that really gives track stand out appeal and is the icing on the cake for a record that really puts on for Chicago.

Check out Pugs Atomz & Mulatto Patriot featuring GLC, Maceo Haymes, & ALgenoy Alexander "From The Gate" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!






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