Project - GMO

09 Oct

"You want clout , the clout means nothing, I'll find my way without it"

A person once told me if an artist doesn't have anything to say then they should's say anything at all because an artist has a voice and with that voice comes responsibility. Emcee Project out of Ireland has a lot to say and gives true meaning to making real hip hop on his new song "GMO".

Project is relentless in his approach on "GMO" as he raps as if his life is dependent while he raps in a style reminiscent of Drake on "9.A.M. in Dallas". Project's lyrics connect over this soulful beat with with coldest Michael Jackson "Rock with you" flip you will ever hear in your life.

Project's "GMO" is more than just words on an instrumental but an actual musical journey as you go on the journey of his personal thoughts with him with very deep introspective lines like "Called for God to take my hand but now the Devil's in touch"

Check out Project's "GMO" below and also follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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