Producer Spotlight - Unjibbed

05 Dec

With so much music coming out, some music sticks with you and some you lose the thought of. Landon Tate's "Birdwalk" is one of those songs that stuck with me. The production stood out to me right away. The beat was so hard and had so much personality to it, I wanted to know who was behind the sounds. The genius behind the production was none other than Unjibbed. Unjibbed is a producer with extraordinary talent and he was gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions on his work. Below is the interview!

Who is Unjibbed the Producer?

I am a Hip Hop and RnB producer. I was born in New York and raised in New Jersey, and am currently based in Chicago producing work for artists. 

Partially because of my early introduction into film-making, my work is inspired by cinematic elements such as camera movement, composition, speed, etc,. The visual content in my head and the audio that I am working with heavily feed off each other. 

My mother was a dancer and my father an architect -- their artistries have also definitely influenced the way I imagine and approach my craft, specifically in terms of how I can manipulate space and motion and capture it

How did you get into producing?

I first started editing audio through film-making, where I would mostly deal with foley sounds and subtle, atmosphere melodies. At one point I had to make background music for a video, and I was hooked as soon as I opened up GarageBand.
I began with intentions of becoming a rapper, and I would record over instrumentals I downloaded as well as over my own productions. After a while, I started to do some shows in colleges and clubs, where in which the listeners would respond more to my productions than to my verses. While that heavily influenced my decision to fully switch as a producer, I also realized that I was able to create in a more effective and enthusiastic manner with a more defined focus on production. 

What production software do you use and why?

As of right now, I feel the most comfortable using Reason. I took an online course in music production and the curriculum was based around the Propllerhead software and I have stuck with Reason since then.

I am accustomed to other programs such as Logic and FL Studios, but as of currently, my knowledge with Reason is far more in depth than with the others. 

What was the creative process for production on Landon Tate’s “Birdwalk”?

I'll have to fact check some things with Landon later, but I remember that I when I was first working on the beat, I wanted to experiment with time signatures. After finishing the first draft, I cut up Soulja Boy's verse on 'Bird Walk' as a place holder, and in my head, I already knew that I either wanted to give the track to Landon, or just release it as a small Soulja remix. 

He ended up wanting to use the beat so we amped it up from there. I know were at a disagreement at one point because I didn't want to keep the Soulja parts if Landon was planning on rapping over the beat. Eventually, he would convince me to keep the parts, and it was really for the best since those Soulja parts really help to emphasize the rest of the composition. 

What was your favorite project to work on and why?

I really enjoyed working on my latest instrumental mixtape, 'Passing Through'. I remember that the creative process for this project was very relaxing and refreshing, as I made it a point then to only follow my gut instead of overthinking on decisions. When I was working on my previous album 'WE', I would trap myself, repeatedly listening to the same piece for more than an hour, just to make one change in the hi hat. It's not as if I was less diligent with the creative process for 'Passing Through', rather, I realized that by focusing on intuition, I was able to better focus on the bigger picture and flow of the songs. 

From what I have released so far, I feel as though the songs on 'Passing Through' have the most accurate representations of cinematic elements I mentioned before. 

Which artist would you love to collab with and why?

Peewee Longway is definitely in my top 3. His voice and flow are so unique and I believe that he's one of the best performers today. Landon first showed me a Peewee track a while back and I'm so glad that he did. I'm also a very big fan of the Tekken series so I would also love to work with Nobuyoshi Sano, the main composer for the music in the series. I believe that there are a lot of shared similarities between video game music and cinematic scores. 

I know this last one isn't a collaboration, but I would also love for Karriem Riggins to mentor me. 

What’s next for Unjibbed?

I'm working everyday to better finalize my product. I have a handful of tracks that I am planning for release starting 2019 and I am also editing videos to accompany them. I've been holding on to these for a while, so I'm very excited to release them to the public.

Check out Unjibbed's instrumental tape "Passing Through" and Landon Tate's "Birdwalk" below as well as follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends! 

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