Producer Spotlight - Mudd

15 Dec

Creative and innovative hip hop that shakes the culture always inspires me. Hearing how far a creative can take sounds and really show creative hip hop can be. When I heard Ridgio "Up & Down" the production was brilliant and I wanted to know who was the man behind the production. The production came from the incredible producer Mudd who was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few question for us. The interview is below.

Who is Mudd the Producer?

I'm a misfit 

How did you get into producing?

I got into producing in 3rd grade when my elementary school got some macs donated by an astronaut. I would just sit at the computers and mess around on garage band during lunch. I later got into ableton in high school cause all of my friends used it.   

What production software do you use and why?

I use ableton live 10. I think ableton is just a great company so they are always trying to improve their software.

What’s the creative process for Ridgio’s “Up and Down” beat?

Up & down started with a sample. I then built some drums on top of the sample, got rid of the sample and added synthesizers to replace it. 

What was your favorite project to work on and why?

My favorite project that I've worked on was probably "Misfits & Outcast Presents: Lifestyle Junkies". We had a lot of punk energy when making that project. We were really able to capture moments in time with each song so a lot of the songs on that project have little back stories to them. 

Which artist would you love to collab with and why?

I would love to work with JPEGMAFIA. I think his sampling choices/style is really unique so it would be cool to watch him do his thing.  

What’s next for Mudd?

I'm dropping a mixtape called "Junk Mail" with ONLYONASUNDAY sometime in January, a tape with KOTK coming soon, and a beat tape to follow up my tape "broken b-sides". I'm also planning on going to Austin for SXSW and New York to link with some people over the summer.  

Check out "Misfits & Outcast Presents: Lifestyle Junkies"as well as Ridgio "Up and Down". Follow Mudd on Twitter below. Stay Global my Friends!

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