Producer Spotlight: Logarhythm

26 Feb

The soundtrack to Hip Hop always been the music that knocks. The music that makes a statement is what keeps the culture moving. Parris LaVon's "Mirror Mirror" is one of those songs. The production was incredible and we had to know who was behind the sound we were hearing. The man behind the sound is producer Logarhythm. This amazing producer was generous enough to take time to answer a few questions for us. The spotlight is on Logarhythm.

Who is Logarhythm Beats the Producer?

To sum it up, Logarhythm is a 20 year old student who tries to work with his collaborators, rather than for them, in order to create the best possible product.  I think why Logarhythm may stand out among other producers is because I am not afraid to push boundaries of genres and experimental music techniques to achieve new sounds that still cooperate with the familiar hip hop sound.  I also don’t see a lot of other producers emphasize their direct relationships with collaborating artists, which is really the main focus of the Logarhythm experience.

How did you get into producing?

Coming from a family of musicians I played drumset from an early age.  It wasn’t until high school, however, when I started getting into hip hop.  I had written lyrics and enjoyed freestyling so I wanted to make some instrumentals for myself!  I asked for Ableton as a high school graduation gift, after a friend of mine had showed me his EDM work he had done in it.  I was quick to realize that my true skills resided in the production side of hip hop.  From then on, I’ve constantly been working to teach myself how to fluently use the program to the fullest of its abilities.  

What production software do you use and why?

I use Ableton 10 Live Suite.  A good friend of mine kept reminding me to use ableton when I was first getting into production, so I was heavily influenced.  My main focus is beat composition and I think ableton provides a really strong platform for putting projects together in that sense, especially with the ease of using MIDI.  

What’s your creative process for creating Parris LaVon’s “Mirror Mirror”?

When I was making this beat it was more of an experimental process rather than a creative one.  I took a course at the Clive Davis School at NYU for pro tools when I was first getting comfortable with it and this was one of the first tracks I cranked out.  Composing the beat was more of an opportunity to get comfortable with new software, which may be apparent in the somewhat shallow mix and repetitiveness, but Parris saw the potential of the slammin 808s and eerie melody and so was born, “Mirror Mirror”

What was your favorite project to work on and why?

 I’d say my favorite project to work on was “Orange County Kush (Donald Trump)” By Max Goof (Only available on SoundCloud).  This beat was super experimental and fun to make and I was able to sit down and work on it with Max, which added to the depth of the track and highlighted certain vocal points.  I also was a vocalist on this track under the name “Young Pope”; while I’m not typically behind the mic, it’s always a lot of fun!

If you could collab with any artist who would it be and why?

After working with Parris LaVon, I’d love the opportunity to work with YBN Cordae.  I’ve been intrigued by Cordae since he first started making media appearances.  

What’s next for Logarhythm Beats?

A lot of my beats are out there, to various artists, but I’m just going to keep reaching out directly to Artists who I see potential in.  I love getting to actually talk 1 on 1 with my collaborators and have a role in the production of the final song.

Check out Parris LaVon "Mirror Mirror" Produced by Logarythm below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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