Producer Spotlight - Jizo Beatz

30 Jan

Producer game is becoming a crowded one. so many different soundmen all trying to make their mark, it takes incredible talent to stand out. Jizo Beatz has that sound that stands out from the pack and must be recognized with his sound that has the right vibe. Jizo Beatz was gracious enough to take the time to to answer a few questions for us below. The spotlight is on Jizo Beatz. 

Who is Jizo Beatz the Producer?

Jizo Beatz - is a music producer who can produce pretty much anything. I never follow precise style. I love the music itself, and I just do what i can do in my home studio. 

How did you get into producing?

From my childhood i have been making music but with my mouth) i have been bitboxing). And one day I stumbled upon the video of Skrillex. His performance in Ultra Music Festival. His music just blowed my mind and i begin to search how he does his music. I found a lot of tutorials about music production afterwards. This is how i got into producing. 

What production software do you use and why?

I use Ableton mainly. Sometimes I use FL Studio.I use ableton because it has a great deal of opportunities for producer to easily experiment with different sounds. + my favourite producer (Skrillex) uses it). 

What’s your creative process for creating beats?

Usually before producing i go to enternet and try to get inspiration. Sometimes i listen to old school, sometimes to new and even Hard trap, hybrid trap.

What was your favorite project to work on?

Actually my favourite project I worked on is not released yet, but i will be released soon. So lets keep it in secret.

Which artist would you love to collab with and why?


What’s next for Jizo Beatz?

Grammy and billboards!!!)) 

Check out Jizo Beatz music below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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