Producer Spotlight: Fidem Beats

27 Mar

Hip Hop as had it's great share of Producer/ Artist combos. From legends like Large Professor, Pete Rock, RZA, and Q- Tip to name a few. Have all laid ground work to show the different talents once can posses in Hip Hop. Someone that is following in that great tradition is Fidem Beats. We first got to hear his work with "Memories From The Bottom". Displaying his great range of talent, we had to know more. We are fortunate enough to get Fidem Beats to take time from his work to sit down and answer a few questions for us. The spotlight is on Fidem Beats!

Who is Fidem Beats the Producer?

Fidem Beats the producer is something like an intellectual fueled human that is madly in love with melodic intricacies within production. I have produced over 135 different instrumentals in the past 12 months alone and have put out over 300 songs with over 75 artists. I produce Hip Hop/Trap instrumentation for a full-time living. 

Who is Fidem Beats the artist?

Fidem Beats the artist has a story to tell and lives to change. I focus on writing music that is conscious and serves an actual purpose in our industry. I cannot stand the massive amount of "music about nothing" that hundreds of thousands of artists are happy to put out day after day. We as humans are gifted with the ability to be creative... Why do so many of us utilize that gift on meaningless verses?

How did you get into producing?

I wanted to have full creative control over every single part of my music. A lot of artists in Hip Hop cannot grasp the understanding of what goes into the production that they rap on top of. My homie told me that in order for me to be successful in the music industry I needed to become needed (To fill a gap) So I taught myself how to do something that not everyone can do. That solidified my position in Hip Hop and gave me something that was marketable for a monetary gain.

What production software do you use and why?

I create my melodies and "groove" in Native Instruments Maschine with Massive, Omnisphere, and Komplete, Export my project stems into FL Studio and structure my production out in FL, then master in FL.

For audio engineering (Vocals On the Track) I utilize Ableton with the Izotope Nectar suite. After I mix the track in Ableton I export them to FL Studio to master them. 

What was your creative process for creating “Memories From The Bottom”?

I was angry at the fact that us as Americans are slaves and most people are so wrapped up in the Racism, Hate, Feminism, Whatever arguments that they never realize the real problems that we all face. I had to address that. The beginning of the track started out with me talking about the situation that God has blessed me with now as opposed to where I have came from and onto how I feel about the bigger picture. 

What was your favorite project to work on and why?

The album that I am currently working on that "Memories From The Bottom" will ultimately be released on. It is going to be raw Hip Hop. I used to write music as an artist that I felt people would enjoy because it fit the "Standards" of what was popular. But over the past year I have secured the bag with being a music producer.. I decided that when I felt like writing a new album that It would be what I wanted it to be from a to z without any predetermined mold that it needed to fit. This album is going to get people in their feelings but I feel like it is time for people to wake up. 

If you could collab with any artist who would it be and why?

I pray that one day I could chop it up with J Cole, Kendrick, or Mac Miller when I pass into the next life because I feel like they are truly on a conscious level that I would like to be on when I advance my mentality. 

What’s next for Fidem Beats?

Imma keep it pushing. This year is going to be astronomical for me, last year blew my expectations completely out of my human body. I still cannot fathom the impact that my creative mind is beginning to make on the world. I plan on continuing my grind, Every breath that I have the ability to take is a gift. I will never waste that <3

Check out Fidem Beats "Memories From The Bottom" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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