Producer Spotlight: Dreamchasers new signee Anthony "HitKidd" Holmes Jr.

17 Feb

Producers are truly becoming the most important piece in a artists career. Linking up with the right producer is the difference between musical greatness or musical obscurity. A producer that embodies greatness is Memphis own Hitkidd. The style of Hitkidd can leave one speechless, with his sound that is truly incredible with an infectious bounce. His hard work has paid major dividends inking him a deal with Meek Mill's Dreamchasers. If you hear HitKidd's music you know that is truly a no brainer signing. Hitkidd was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us. Below is the interview. The spotlight is now on HitKidd

Who is Hitkidd the Producer?

Hitkidd is a jack of all trades, but I am probably the most orthodox producer in Memphis when it comes to an overall description. Most things about are unique.

How did you get into producing?

I got into producing because me and my neighbors were curious about the software, they brother had so we downloaded it on our own computer, and it went from there. I was always around music because of my father (Dulaa), but as far as being literal about how I start making music is stated earlier in my response.

What production software do you use and why?

I use Fruity Loops because I started out with it and I got attached to it lol.

What’s your creative process for creating beats?

Most of the time I gotta be eating snacks or be somewhere at peace, but sometimes it doesn’t even matter what’s going on around me because I’ll zone out and get to work.

How does it feel being signed to Dreamchasers?

It feels like I’m going to have to buy more suits lmao, but naw seriously, nothing has really clicked yet except when Tak called and facetimed me with Meek after I signed.

How did the deal with Dreamchasers come about for you?

I took a calculated risk to go to New York because Tre Davinci and Baby OG allowed me to tag along because Meek reached out to them. I got there and played my tracks even though I wasn’t expecting that, I was ready lmao. They loved em and it went from there. I used the rest of my money to buy a plane ticket and now look…

Is there a specific artist you look forward to collaborating with and why?

I love this question, but Lil Uzi! His older was fye but overall his style is super creative and spontaneous. I’ll have to add DJ Paul too! This mane is ridiculous with the samples and of course since he from the M!! Its plenty of others to but those are top quality guys I’ll love to work with.

What’s next for Hitkidd?

Investments and showing the world Memphis can do it! Musically, you guys will have to see muahahahahaha!!!

Check out HitKidd's "MasterMind" project below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram as well. Stay Global my Friends!

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