Producer Spotlight: Anthony Church

03 Jan

It's always a pleasure to review artists on the Global Media Blog but it's always important to highlight the sound men of the world. A true embodiment of the Producer Spotlight is Anthony Church. He has a diverse range of sounds that make him the complete package that everyone should hear. The spotlight is on Anthony Church. The interview is below. 

Who is Anthony Church the Producer?

I'm a producer and creative from northeast Ohio.

How did you get into producing?

I started a few years back after a trip to California with my friends. We had always wanted to do something with music but never had the drive really, we were so inspired by that trip that when we got back we immediately got to work and haven't stopped since then.

What production software do you use and why?

I use FL Studio because to me it's the easiest one to learn and has the best work flow, it took me very little time to watch tutorials and learn it very quickly.

What’s the creative process for your work?

My creative process isn't too planned out it's really just about letting the music do its thing. You just have to not overthink anything you're doing and try and do to much, that usually ends in a bad way. I've found that not overthinking the little stuff helps me create better music without having to overwork myself mentally.

What was your favorite project to work on and why?

Definitely my friend and artist JayTrey's next project dropping this year in 2019. It has so many textures and different styles to it and tells a great story, in looking forward to it! 

Which artist would you love to collab with and why? 

Artist I'd like to work with: Too many to name but I would love to hear Rockie Fresh over one of my songs one day.  

What’s next for Anthony Church?

Continue to grow my brand Proven Knowledge and work with new like minded individuals and groups.

Check out the sounds of Anthony Church below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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