Prodigal Sunn - Redeemed

11 Dec

"I lit the fire, melt the ice, no longer frozen"

Hip Hop is about creativity, authenticity, and innovation. As much as a copy cat game this genre can be those are still the things that matter most. In a time where lyricism is simplified, you hope to find some real emceeing out there. Prodigal Sunn delivers gold standard emceeing on his title track "Redeemed" off his new project.

Prodigal Sunn is a Wu Tang Clan affiliate and Sunz of Man member,  who exceeds the standard set by their work and shines bright on "Redeemed". Prodigal Sunn gives you everything the game is lacking today, giving you true lyricism over this hard production that drums just make your head move, as Prodigal is in full bloom delivering a powerful message of his redemption.

Prodigal Sunn's "Redeemed" is the perfect song to showcase what he has in the works on new project under the same title. The flow and voice is powerful and commanding, the lyrics are engaging and thought provoking, and the beat selection is the perfect score for this track with cinematic appeal.

Check out Prodigal Sunn "Redeemed" video below as well the new project and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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