Princely - I'm Good

13 Nov

"You might think I'm crazy, really I'm just wavy"

Anyone in this world can be a rapper. Anyone can simply put an instrumental on and rhyme words over a beat but something most can't do is be an artist. Crafting together well thought out material and executing the ideas in your head to make music perfection is what separates the two and Princely is truly an artist on his new song "I'm Good".

Princely's melodic style shines bright all over this great production on "I'm Good" that sounds like a smash. Princely masterfully crafts together a song overcoming heartbreak and setbacks that will have the world singing.

Princely gives you everything you could want and more on "I'm Good" with everything being sharp and his melodies meshing perfectly with the beat as he gives you lines he delivers with the perfect amount of swagger like "I be workin' late tonight. I'm always doing overtime".

Check out Princely "I'm Good" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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