Prime Society - I.T.

14 Dec

"They hate it when you winning dawg, they'd rather see you struggling"

Happy Friday! What a blessing to make it another week and since it's Friday, you already know you can expect nothing short of that fire you need to start your excellence. That fire you need to hear is coming from non other than the amazing collective out of Phoenix, Arizona with a style as hot as their summer weather Prime Society with their new smash "I.T."

Prime Society consists of brothers Infin8 and J. Reid as well as artistic director and vocalist Shy. They all come together to create nothing short of greatness and "I.T." is a shining example of that. The track "I.T." is inspired by NBA player Isaiah Thomas's comments in 2016 when asked if he resigned with the Celtics, they better "Bring in the Brinks Truck" and their approach is a perfect representation of his play from balling out of control, high powered play, and overcoming the odds at every test.

Prime Society's "I.T." is high standard rap at it's finest. The production is hard and exciting, the flows are as fluid as water, and the lyrics are sharp and pack a punch with every line. Prime Society has crafted together a must hear track that every one will love.

Check out Prime society "I.T." below and follow thme on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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