(Premiere) MKHL, Alfa Blvck, and Xavier Jacobs - M.A.X.

11 Sep

"We talking about a legend in the business but I'ma be a legend in the business"

Last time emcee Alfa Blvck was featured on the Global Media Blog the MGK diss track for Eminem was referenced in his article. The irony is that AB had a diss track already in the works of his own ready to be unleashed at the right time....the time is now!

Alfa Blvck teams up with fellow emcees MKHL and Xavier Jacobs on the track " M.A.X." a response to Eminem's "Kamikaze". The track is a lyrical ambitious effort as the collective puts together an Iverson crossing up Jordan moment displaying just how much rap has changed and not just anyone can compete in today's time.

The track starts with MKHL's instantly engaging lyrics "All I ever wanted was a chance, All I ever needed was my hands, If God is in the work then whats the plan, cause lately i been sinking in the sand". Putting you in a place that you can feel the emcee is in a place where he must make something happen to be great and he does with heavy lyricism and his shots at the prominent Detroit emcee with "I'm not trying to hear who you used to be" letting it be known its a new day and the only thing that matters is now!

Alfa Blvck keeps the energy going in the second verse as the piton is handed to the next emcee and not only keeps the pace but turns it up immediately with the bar "Polo grounds I'm really from the sticks" and even referencing the track record of Em's relationship with artist with the line "Every rapper that happened to stumble into Marshall is either not rapping no more or acting"

The tracks comes full circle with Xavier Jacob bringing it home with his infectious flow snapping all over the beat as he displays a style that cant be duplicated and nor imitated. Xavier Jacob not only brings flow but hard lyrics as well with a hard bar like "Then I aim at the back of ya ming, bullets are piercing ya brain leaving a stain on the glass that's real meaning of window painting". Completely packing the lyrical punch established by the two previous verses.

"M.A.X." is true emceeing in its purest form and lyrical untouchable display that would be a problem for any emcee including the greats such as Eminem. A link is below as well as their twitters. Stay Global my Friends.





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