Pierre D. - Unorthodox

31 Oct

"I'ma keep it straight blunt, split it down the middle"

Music can connect with you for a lot of different reasons. From the way something sounds, the feeling it gives you, or the look an artist has, the sky is the limit on possibilities. Pierre D.'s new song "Unorthodox" gives me a nostalgic feel and takes me back to 2008-2009 where notable names like Drake, Big Sean, Wale, and Kid Cudi were breaking on the scene, with this new song that has me seeing bright lights in technicolor.

Pierre D. raps masterfully on "Unorthodox" over this production that has the right 808's and synth pads that make you see stars. Pierre D. is relentless with the flow as he fires off creative and witty lines that you have to catch up to like "Check the 40 cause you know i run the field too" that make for an amazing listening experience.

Pierre D. is a true hip hop craftsman on "Unorthodox" and definitely stands out as an artist you should be on the watch for. 

Check out Pierre D. "Unorthodox" below and follow him on Twitter. stay Global my Friends!



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