Phlow - Asuai (Vol. 2)

09 Nov

"There's love for me, There's love for you, There's love for everybody"

There is nothing more subjective than music. Two people can hear the same song and have two different opinions on it. It's truly a one man's trash, is another man's treasure thing. As subjective a music can be especially hip hop, there are some people who's talent is undeniable and no matter your preference you know you hear something great. That is exactly the case for Lagos own Phlow on her new video "Asuai (Vol 2)"

Phlow is truly poetic in her approach on "Asuai (Vol. 2)" as she let's her words flow perfectly over this soulful production in a cadence that sounds like she's giving her real time thoughts for a journal entry.

Phlow's "Asuai (Vol. 2) " is truly a masterful piece of work with Phlow giving you the perfect blend of a raw rap flow and elegance all over the track. Phlow is truly on point from the lyrics, flow, and beat selection that make a perfect musical experience.

Check out Phlow "Asuai (Vol. 2) below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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