Pharaoh Santana - Moonlight

25 Sep

"I'm taking realness out the tombs!"

Good music is and will forever be the motivation for the Global Media Blog. Bringing excellence in every artist that is presented and Pharaoh Santana's new video "Moonlight" fits the bill and exceeds it.

Pharaoh Santana is already a dope enough artist name that makes you wish you would've came up with it first and with a name that fly his style has too does. Pharaoh takes over the track immediately with "They tried to take me out my zone, They tried to knock me off my throne, but I'm just better off alone". A hard hitting intro that Pharaoh has been threw a lot of adversity that he has overcome and able to share with us.

Pharaoh keeps the track going giving us the hook "I'm just smoking OG in the moonlight, I'm just trying to get the mood right, they threw shots up at my last name, then tried to love me when the cash came". Pharaoh Santana keeps the track going with his drip filled flow displaying all of his talents all while giving us a motion picture of a video that is his first under New America Digital to compliment the track.

Check out the music video for Pharaoh Santana's track "Moonlight" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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