Pete Philly - Gigawatts II

02 Oct

"All my lyrics you can find truth"

Hip Hop has long Outgrown its Mecca of Bronx, New York and has transcended many barriers. You can find so much great music anywhere with this still young genre becoming a global entity. Hip Hop is a universal language and artist are articulating with masterful precision from all over the world from Aruba to Amsterdam which is where the artist I'm speaking of is from which is Pete Philly on his new song "Gigawatts II"

Pete Philly gives you nothing short of excellence on this track. As soon as you hear the first horns and compressed drums it instantly sounds like you're walking into an underground club that's about to give you the time of your life before Pete steps in delivers his razor sharp flow.

Pete Philly masterfully rocks this track that's reminiscent of a souped "Nice Watch" by J Cole as he flexes his independent grind of having full control of his career with lines like "The industry cannot see, I'm so free, i'm doing me!

Check out the hype lyrical track "Gigawatts II" by Pete Philly below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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