Pat G - Justice League

03 May

"Now I'm pulling out the joke like I'm playing poker"

Happy Friday!!! Fridays are already known as the day we make it a point to post the best music out there, and we can say with supreme confidence that Pat G brings all the heat to melt the coldest places on earth with his new song "Justice League"

Pat G has been on Global Money World with his songs "Sometimes" and "Broken" featuring Janis Nicole. His latest release "Justice League" is some of his best work to date. The production is hard and soulful, while Pat G throws on his cape and saves the world on this record, with his focused flow that delivers his incredible lyrics with masterful precision. 

Pat G's "Justice League" is an amazing record to show just how busy he can get on the mic. It's an engaging song with his emceeing skills on heavy display. The flow is razor sharp, the lyrics are hard hitting, and it's all over the right production that was meant for him to snap over.

Check out Pat G "Justice League" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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