Pat G featuring Janis Nicole - Broken

25 Apr

"I can stand out just for being myself"

It's always great to grow with an artist. Being there front and center watching them become one of the greatest emcees out there.  An emcee that can not only show great lyrical ability, but also make music displaying not only their artistry but them as person is truly incredible. Pat G is back giving us incredible music with his new song "Broken" featuring Janis Nicole.

Pat G was first on Global Money World with his song "Sometimes" , Showing his high level of emceeing from his great lyrical ability to polished flow. With his new track "Broken" he dives deep and creates a Hip Hop Masterpiece packed with nothing but soul while still taking us back to a classic period of rap that feel familiar yet fresh.

Pat G.'s "Broken" featuring Janis Nicole is the perfect track to display to show his range as an artist This track is soulful and honest, while still maintaining his great lyrical ability packed full of gems and a hungry flow that you can hear in every word, with Janis Nicole adding that extra soul in her beautiful vocal performance on the chorus that takes this amazing record over the top.

Check out Pat G featuring Janis Nicole "Broken" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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