Passport Rav - What a Wonderful Day

09 May

"Learning the hard way the story of my life"

It's always refreshing to hear the many sides of an artist. An artist being about to show their depth and make incredible music on different sides of the spectrum. That's what Passport Rav gives you on his newest release called "What a Wonderful Day".

Passport Rav who has made his presence felt on Global Money World with his braggadocios luxurious style since his record "Departures" switches it up, with his latest release "What a Wonderful Day". It's some of most relatable and introspective work with him, flowing in a open journal way that pays major dividends, as he let's his thoughts fly for the listeners to hear. The production's light tone aids the feel of the track to perfection while Rav's emcee presence is still felt.

Passport Rav's "What a Wonderful Day" is the perfect track at the perfect time for the world to hear. It's human, honest, and right on time for Mental Health Awareness month. Rav bares his soul for the listener on this record that the world can enjoy that shows you what happens when a  good message is combined with good music.

Check out Passport Rav "What a Wonderful Day" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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