OnDeck - Dead Beat (Prod. Berlo)

01 Dec

"I'ma break the cycle, if they let me"

Hip Hop is bigger than it's ever been. No genre is bigger than hip hop present day. With so much hip hop out, it's still a lack of music with that realness. That music that's real and that you can really feel. OnDeck fills that void as he takes you on a journey of his mind on his new song "Dead Beat" produced by Berlo.

OnDeck has a brilliant approach on "Dead Beat" as he really straps you in and takes you on a journey of some of his deepest thoughts. OnDeck has the perfect blend of hard rhymes and smooth flow that make the delivery of lines like "They think my dreams lethal, they scared of me" hit right on the money every time.

OnDeck's "Dead Beat" is the perfect song for fans of Lo-Fi Hip Hop. That type of music you can just close your eyes and vibe out to as OnDeck shows this amazing caliber of emceeing over this mellow hard production.

Check out OnDeck "Dead Beat" produced by Berlo below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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