Oloff - Blossoms

04 Dec

"It takes alot to step back and take this in"

Hip Hop went from being just an underground thing to an overcrowded market. Everyone wants to try their hand in emceeing and with it being so crowded one must have their own unique style to stand out. UK's own Oloff brings his own original flavor that makes him stand out as he shines with his new song "Blossoms".

Oloff has a style that is instantly engaging and infectious on "Blossoms". Oloff's high powered flow and raw lyrics makes him a stand out and has excitement after every turn, as you wait to see what he'll do next all over this amazing production

Oloff's "Blossoms" is truly a stand out record for the UK artist. Oloff gives an amazing body of work and truly displays his A class level of hip hop. The flow is truly polished and on point that makes the delivery of lines like "It's all about taste girl, you know I need my space girl, I should be in space girl" perfect in it's execution.

Check out Oloff "Blossoms" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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